Company History

The company was registered in May 2013 by Ursula Henry who identified a need in market to assist businesses with business process re-engineering services, business analysis and other consulting offerings. The business was founded on a quest to provide professional and service excellence.

We are experts in small and medium business

Vision Statement:

To be recognised as a leading, independent Management Consulting company in Africa.

Mission Statement:

To delight our customers in everything we do. To continually strive to assist businesses with improving their effectiveness and efficiency so that businesses can do more. To be aware of our environment. To build lasting relationships with all businesses in all industries. To employee people who are passionate about making a difference.

Our company values:

  • Care
    We take care of our employees as happy employees makes us successful.
    When we take care our employees, our customers will be taken care of by our employees. We treat our employees well so that they will not want to leave us.
    We take care of our environment by limiting our waste through our processes and by empowering our employees.
    We take care of our community by assisting through volunteering our time and supporting organisations who is need of assistance.

  • Respect
    We treat everyone with respect.
    We respect our customers and fellow employees through our behaviour.
    We respect ourselves by living according to our personal values.

  • Integrity
    We are honest and act ethically when we deal with our customers and our fellow employees.
    We want to build our reputation through our behaviour.

  • Focus on Delivery
    We focus on delivering high quality service and products to our customers.
    We deliver on our commitments!

  • Learning & Sharing
    We learn by actively taking part in projects.
    We share what we learn with each other.
    We train our staff so that they are empowered to be able to move.

  • Building Relationships
    We build relationships with our customers and with our peers by being friendly and polite.
    We offer to help our customers and our peers.
    We treat our customers and our peers with respect.

  • Customer Service Excellence
    We provide our customers with service that make them smile.
    We do not leave our customers with problems but try and solve their problems effectively and efficiently.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We all support various charities by donations to various charities. It is based on each staff member’s personal choice and culture.